Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vector Alert?

Vector Alert is an online incident reporting system that lets students, staff, parents, and community members confidentially report safety concerns and suggestions to school administration 24/7/365. Tips can be submitted via phone, email, text message, and website.

Why does my school need Vector Alert?

Research shows that students often fail to report issues that are happening at school because they can’t do it anonymously and thus fear for their safety. Vector Alert opens the lines of communication and lets your entire school community safely and confidentially alert your administration about safety incidents and concerns.

What kind of tips can I submit?

Any tip that can help make your district a safer place to work and learn should be submitted. Bullying, sexual harassment, weapons, suspicious activity, drugs, general safety suggestions or any information about threats to your school or district’s safety are welcome and appreciated.

Why should I report tips?

Violence in U.S. schools unfortunately is not an uncommon occurrence. However, you have the ability to help prevent violence and safety incidents in your school community before they occur. Do your part to make your school a safer place to work and learn by submitting your tips to Vector Alert.

How do I submit tips?

Tips can be submitted four convenient ways:

  1. Call 855.339.3226
  2. Email
  3. Text your tip to 855.339.3226
  4. Website

Who gets my tips?

When you submit a tip to Vector Alert, it is immediately logged in the system and your district administration is notified so that they can take appropriate action. Every tip submitted to Vector Alert is taken seriously and will be acted upon. Intentionally submitting a tip that you know to be false is a criminal offense.

Can I follow up on a tip I submit?

When you successfully submit a tip to Vector Alert, you will receive a confirmation message that includes a unique tracking number. Please be sure to write down this number because you will need it to track the status of your tip.

To check the status of your tip, go to, type your code in the “Track Access Code” box and you’ll automatically see the status of your tip.

This policy was last modified on August 9, 2011

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